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Holiday Connections: A Comprehensive Guide to Exceptional Holiday Greetings For Painting Contractors

In the over 20 billion dollar a year world of painting contracting, the holiday season offers a golden opportunity to not just communicate but to truly connect with previous and current clients. Let's dive into the nitty-gritty details of sending holiday greetings, exploring approaches through emails, physical mailers, and texts. This comprehensive guide explains how to take holiday greetings from a formality to a personalized, memorable experience that create genuine, lasting connections.

1. Staying Top of Mind: Tailored Updates for Every Client

To ensure your holiday greeting resonates, take personalization to the next level. Create specific updates for each client, referencing specific projects you've worked on together. Share specific ideas for new projects without being pushy. This touch demonstrates that you're not just sending a card but actively evolving and staying at the forefront of heir mind, keeping their trust and loyalty well-placed.

2. Subtle Marketing Magic: Weaving Your Brand's Visual Narrative

Your holiday card is a canvas for brand storytelling. Aim to have the specifics of your design—incorporate colors that reflect your brand identity, use imagery that showcases completed projects. Discuss the choices made in each element, turning your holiday card into a piece of your brand's narrative that embeds itself in their memory, fostering a deeper connection to your business.

3. Referral Opportunities: Creative Incentives and Personalized Requests

Create ways to encourage referrals within your holiday greeting. Explore personalized incentives, such as offering a discount on future projects or a complimentary small service for every successful referral. Highlight the instrumental role your clients play in the organic growth of your business. Personalization extends beyond the initial service; it's about cultivating a relationship that extends into advocacy.

Holiday cards are an extremely and useful tool to leverage the holiday season for your business. Emails, texts, and mailers are all useful and recommended. Where mailers aren’t affordable for your whole client list, just send them to your top clients and send emails/texts to your other clients. Make sure you're letting the clients know what’s new with your business and that you're still there for them while keeping it light and meaningfully, wishing them a Merry Christmas.

At Precision Painting Advisors we offer services in Direct Mail, email marketing, and sms marketing. Please reach out to set up a free consultation for your business!

Wishing you, your team, and your clients a joyous holiday season! 🎨🌟


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